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             In Braunau, Austria on April 20, 1889, Adolf Hitler was born into the world. Adolf was the son of a fifty-one year old customs official for the government, Alois Hitler, and the mother, was twenty-eight year old Klara Polzl. Adolf was a good student, received good marks in elementary school, but when he entered high school, he proved to be a much poorer student. Alois had always dreamed that his son would someday have a career as a civil servant, and so Adolf's low marks were a great disappointment to him. Adolf's father died whenever he was fourteen years old; approximately two years later he dropped out of high school. His mother owned some property and drew a widow's pension, and so they were able to live comfortably without Adolf working. Adolf spent most of his time at home; he passed the day by reading great books and drawing pictures, he had a great love for the arts (Hanfstaengl, 1957). .
             After the passing of his mother in 1907, Adolf, at the age of nineteen decided to move to Vienna where the Academy of Fine Arts was located. Adolf applied for the art school twice, but was rejected because the academy felt that he was lacking in natural ability and talent. Though the rejection crushed Adolf, he still considered himself an artist, and so he remained in Vienna and made himself a poor living by selling his paintings and drawings, he also did little odd jobs for anyone that was in need and willing to pay. .
             Adolf developed a great interest in politics, and it was this time spent in Vienna that proves to be significant to his later political views and ideas. Adolf became especially interested in German nationalistic politics. "Nationalistic politics centered upon the idea that German-speaking people should be in control of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire" ("History 20", 2002). Over time, Adolf's hatred for the Jews grew more and more. Adolf was convinced that "no form of government could last, if it treated people of different nationalities equally" (Waite, 1993, p.

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