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             By June 14, France had surrendered and Hitler was making plans to invade Great Britain. Hitler played the role as a General in WWII all though he didn't know much about stratagies he knew alot about weapons and made sure his soldiers used them effectively. On June 22, 1941 over a million German soldiers launched an attack on the Soviet Union, for weeks they were successful and by November they were miles from the Gates of Moscow. Later Russia's weather would give Germany trouble and give Russian time to reorganize. But Germany had other Units that hadd followed the army into Russia and there targets were the Soviet officials and Communist Jews. As the Battle proceeded Hitler's greater goal would be achieved, getting rid of Europes Jews. .
             From the beginning Hitler had always had the idea set in the back of his mind about the murder of millions of Jews. During the last months of 1941 and the early months of 1942, actions against Jews became more severe. More and more mass deportions and exterminations began. Some people ask the question why Hitler wait until the end of 1941 or the beginning of 1942? The answere was that he never had the chance to do so until then because he didn't have enough power to and enough people to follow him. Also Hitler worried that if he began the brutal murderings of millions of Jews any earlier that the world would turn against him and Germany or the that war was going so well that it was time to act against the Jews.
             In conclusion Hitler was one of the most well known villians on the face of this earth through our eyes and especially the Jews because of all of his wrong doings. But was also looked apon as a leader and a hero to the Germans. .

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