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Hitler's begining

            ?Describe the main events in Hitler's political career from 1918 to 1922.
             When the war ended, Hitler was in hospital at Pasewalk recovering from his loss of vision, Hitler after he was discharged made his way back to Munich. He was still in uniform and still drew his rations and pay from the army. In December 1918, he volunteered for guard duty in a prisoner-of-war camp containing Russian and French soldiers. By the end of January the prisoners were sent home and the camp closed. Along with the other soldiers, Hitler was arrested by Freikorps men when they seized Munich in May 1919.However Generals recognized Hitler for having an outstanding war record and he was released unharmed.
             In summer 1919 Hitler was sent by the Army to attend a course ofpolitical instruction? of right-wing ideology, teaching him how to influence people. Hitler was appointed as Instruction Officer and given the task of introducing anti-Communist attitudes in selected officers and men. This was an important step for Hitler, since it constituted the first recognition of the fact that he had any political ability at all. Then, in September, he was instructed by the head of the Political Department to investigate a small group meeting in Munich, the German Workers? Party (DAP).
             The German Workers? Party consisted of about fifty people and was set up by a Munich locksmith, Anton Drexler and a journalist Dietrich Harrer on 7 March 1918. Drexler's idea was to create a party which would be both working class and nationalist. They saw themselves asNational socialists?.
             On 12 September 1919 Hitler attended his first DAP meeting in a room at the Sterneckerbrãu, a Munich beer-cellar. Twenty or twenty-five people gathered. One of the speakers was Gottfried Feder, who was well known in Munich and had already impressed Hitler at one of the political courses arranged for the army.
             After another speaker, Hitler rose to his feet and argued in such a way that Drexler offered Hitler a place on the party committee as the seventh member.

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