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             Adolph Hitler has been one of the most researched and discussed figures of our time. From his meager beginnings, one would not think such a man could rise to such power. Hitler somehow managed to do so and in the process took the lives of so many innocent people. In this paper, we take a look at how Hitler's life came to an end. It is an intriguing topic and one that has been the subject of debate since the end of the war. To begin with, I"ll explain what Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper had to say in his book, The Last Days of Hitler. Then I"ll discuss the more recent findings of Ada Petrova and Peter Watson in The Death of Hitler.
             Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper was considered a noted historian of his time who was also well known as a British officer. After World War II, Roper was sent to Germany by the British government to investigate and verify Adolf Hitler's death. Afterwards, he would publish his findings into what we now know as The Last Days of Hitler. This book is broken is broken down into seven chapters, starting from 1943 and ending with 1945. All of the chapters are focused on Hitler and the happenings that surrounded him before his final hours. The historian mentions many assassination plans and several attempts that were made to kill Hitler. One particular incident was known as the Generals" Plot. In this incident, a bomb went off while Hitler was holding a meeting. Several people died but Hitler suffered little injury. The first of the seven chapters is about Hitler and the people around him, otherwise known as his court. This chapter goes into detail about who was in favor of, and who was against Hitler during his political years. It also reveals how Nazism became a leading and powerful organization in Germany. Chapter Two focuses on Hitler's defeats and weaknesses. The author describes the policy of Nazi leaders and how they react when faced with defeat. He describes the change in Hitler in his last days and the deterioration in his health.

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