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             There are many different thoughts and versions of how Hitler died. The first thought is that he was killed on May 1, 1945 in his command post in Berlin. One of the most believed theories of his death was that he committed suicide. This was the theory of Hitler and his wife Eva Braun both committing suicide on April 30, 1945 before the Russians stormed their bunker. Their bodies were incinerated with 140 gallons of petrol and then they were thrown into a bomb crater in the Chancellery garden. . The next idea was that Hitler was found with shards of glass in his mouth from a crushed cyanide pill that would have killed him by cyanide poisoning. Another suspicion was that Hitler's body was found with three other bodies charred and smoke-blackened. The Red army who had flamethrowers cleared out Hitler's command post where he and his leading Nazi's had made their last stand. These are many of the ideas of how Adolf Hitler died but I believe he committed suicide with Braun before he was going to die. .
             The first idea of Hitler being killed in his command post in Berlin is not believable because he had no intention of just being killed because before he died he made this statement: "You can see it now. Screwballs will be jumping off buildings, or under trains, or dying in flophouses, after scrawling a note like this: "I sure fooled everybody."" When I hear something like that I can automatically eliminate the fact that he was killed because he wanted his death to be a mystery from the start because he wanted to be known as a legend for his actions and rule. This was the first idea that I determined false because of that single quote. .
             The idea of Adolf Hitler taking in a cyanide pill to die is insane. They say that there were glass shards from a crushed cyanide pill found in his mouth when they identified the body. However, I can conclude that Hitler would have been the type of man that would die a soldier's death and not die in a cowardly fashion.

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