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How did Hitler Rise to Power

            Various incidents ranging post WWI, from 1919 to 1932, influenced Hitler rise to power, as well as his popularity in Germany. These incidents include the great depts. Germany had after the Treaty of Versailles (Political Deal making), the great depression of 1929 (Germany at the time), and the fear of Communist rule in Germany, which increased the Nazi followers (Nazi Popularity). All these conditions aided Hitler to rise into power in Germany, however, the relative importance of these conditions, lay on Germany's deal making post WWI, then Germany's situation at the time, followed by the Nazi party popularity. .
             In June 1919, Germany was made bankrupt by the instant, when they were forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles, which handicapped Germany's economy for many years to come. The Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for the beginning of the Great War, as well as made Germany responsible for all the costs of the war. Having to pay 132 billion marks, a total of ¼ of its export, Germany was up to no other challenge. The unfruitful management and deal making of the Weimar Republic, such as the failure of the Schleicher Plan, trade deficit, unemployment, and food shortages, gave Hitler a golden opportunity to gain followers and attempt to grasp Germany's government. .
             With the improper administration of the Weimar Republic, and the Great Depression of 1929, Germany exhausted from suffering was desperate for change. Unemployment grew from 1.5 million to 4.3 million after the great depression. In Urban areas, there were food shortages, as well as poor housing and frequent strikes. William Carr describes this situation as: "it is inconceivable that Hitler could ever have come to power had not the Weimar republic been subjected to the unprecedented strain of a world economic crisis-. Followed by immoral deal makings, Germany's Situation worsened, thus increased Hitler's chance in power.

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