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Hitlers Rise to Power

            There are very few people who can change the way the world turns by their actions, whether they are positive or negative. But when those people are discovered they are forever locked in the time capsule that is history. Many men can be considered to be brilliant and many men are so charismatic that they can hold in their grasps the actions of an entire country. One man who was more brilliant and more charismatic than any other was Adolf Hitler. This man despite the obvious and infamous evils that he unleashed on the world was an incredibly brilliant man. He was a political genius and an amazing public speaker. The way that he was able to control and hypnotize the country of Germany into doing his beckon call has been a feat never reached by another human being after him. Many have said that Saddam Hussein is the Hitler of our generation, but those people could not be more wrong. Hitler had the people behind him because they believed in what he was saying, Saddam had the people behind him because they feared what would happen if they weren't. A major question is how Hitler got the people behind him. Many things contributed to Hitler's rise to power, his life experiences, his unparalleled charisma, and the lack of good men preventing him.
             First, no man can truly be great if he is not surrounded by greatness or brought up by it. Hitler was neither brought up by greatness nor surrounded by greatness, but he still performed amazing works that no other could dream of doing. Everybody has their inspirations, the people that they try to model themselves after, or share the same beliefs as. The person that was this to Hitler was, Karl Lueger. Hitler heard one of Lueger's anti-Semitic speeches and concurred with many of the things that Lueger had to say. Hitler would later pass on these views to the German people. Hitler was also a military man; he served a stint in the German Army where he earned the Iron Cross for bravery.

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