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The European Union and the Concept of Justice

            The European Union is the world's global player that has its word in the foreign affairs. The main challenge now is to spread peace and security beyond the borders of the European Union. What is more, it is barely possible to promote these ideas devoid of the idea of justice, otherwise if partners see the EU committing espionage, relations with it could be banned. Thereby, the idea of justice, even if it does not fulfill its expectations, goes among the first. The EU is especially dynamic in announcing the human aspects of worldwide relations, for example, solidarity, human rights and majority rule government, and, what is of most astounding criticalness, EU is spreading it around the world, subsequently fortifying its positions, as well as the degree of admiration by advancing values that do not hurt.
             In Europe early a century ago, the idea of social equity and justice showed up. This idea was named the European Idea. However, that European accomplishment is still remote to different ears. Thoughts of social equity joined with government by accord and pride in flexibility frame the European Idea. It made Europe extraordinary. It is contradicted to the thought of government by one man or as today in the USA of government by a world class. The extremely argument in the middle of vote based system and imperialism recognizes Europe. Europeans have known degenerate and tyrannical government however they have a place somewhere else. They are not European. Additionally Europe is eager and rich. Furthermore, it has a fierce past yet today its savagery is contained. The key is that until today cutting edge Europe has been social-minded.
             Presently after the appointive triumph of Berlusconi in Italy and Nicolas Sarkozy in France coupled with the downfall of Labor in Great Britain, Europe seems aim on mirroring the American thought, which is not social. In that sense, Europe primarily has appeared to be a bipolar model: social popular government versus oppression; Manichean; a fight in the middle of good and fiendishness.

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