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Evolve Of The EU

            The creation of international organizations was first seen in Europe during the nineteenth century, then more globally during the present century. The existence of such organizations is connected to the rise of sovereign states, and they might fade away if the current state system changes. The European Union and the United Nations Organization, as they evolved after the Second World War are examples of attempts to move toward greater powers for .
             international governments. It is generally recognized that these institutions have helped greatly in the reestablishment of order and peace after the war. Most nations of Western Europe returned surprisingly quickly to.
             their former strength, turning Europe into probably the most prosperous region of the globe. Focusing, however, on.
             such organizations, we can observe that are, also, serious .
             drawbacks in the formation of "international governments ". .
             Nowadays, there are very many citizens who stand against these institutions and bring up for discussion issues like sovereignty ,democracy and the policy-making system. .
             Examining the case of Europe, as far as European Union is concerned, one can see most advantages and .
             disadvantages of moving towards greater powers of .
             government. Having at first the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community), the governments of France, Western Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg made the first step towards a unified Europe. Although this was an organization that covered only part of the countries" economic activities, it was the first decisive act towards a common market of a broadened European Federation. In March 1957 we have the signing of the two treaties of Rome, which created the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), to add to the European Coal and Steel Community. This was seen as the first step towards West European integration, and called the European Communities (EC), innovating a new period of economic and political cooperation among the countries of Western Europe.

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