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Handbook on PCA with the EU

             Introduction . 2.
             The European Union." 3.
             About the PCA." 8.
             EU Relations with Kyrgyzstan ." 10.
             The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement." 11 .
             PCA Institutions ." . 12.
             Political Dialogue." . 14.
             Trade in Goods ." . 15.
             WTO 18.
             Provisions Affecting Business Investment . . 20.
             Legislative Cooperation ." . 23.
             Economic Cooperation." . 24.
             The TACIS Programme." . 25.
             Other Areas of Cooperation . 28.
             Cultural cooperation ." 29.
             Financial Cooperation in the Field of Technical Assistance." 29.
             General and Final Provisions." 30.
             References." . 31.
             The general purpose of this guide is to provide a popular interpretation of the principal provisions of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement signed between the EU and the Kyrgyz Republic on February 9 1995 in Brussels by the President of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akaev and the President of the European Commission Jacques Santer (further referred to as the PCA or the Agreement). This publication is an attempt to describe the implications for cooperation under the PCA and familiarize the reader with the political, legal and economic context of the agreement. The layout of the guide is organised around the main clauses of the PCA to ensure thorough coverage of all titles of the Agreement. All references made to specific "Titles- or "Articles- in this guide correspond to the titles and articles in the PCA, unless otherwise indicated. .
             THE EUROPEAN UNION.
             The European Union, previously known as the European Community, was set up shortly after World War II, when France proposed to establish "the first concrete foundation of a European federation-.

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