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Eu Eco

             As a part of the human race, there are many common daily resources that our modernized species depends on in order to survive. We need food and water to nourish our bodies, petrol so we can drive our cars to work every day, and lumber to build the homes that we live in. The population of our planet becomes greater with every passing second. Unfortunately, the resources we depend on are not unlimited, and with the mass of people needing to survive around the globe our common resources become more and more sparse every day. In order to continue developing ourselves as a species, we need to value our environment and stop treating the resources provided by it as if they are free goods. We can accomplish this by adopting a policy known as "sustainability". Sustainability is the process of finding a balance by re-using and replenishing the resources that we depend on and use every day.
             The main pollutants that are damaging our environment and rapidly changing the world's climate are known as the seven deadly environmental sins. These seven environmental sins are:.
             Emissions of carbon dioxide from burning coal and gas.
             Worsening local air pollution caused by increasing road transport.
             Rising demand for water which is threatening to dry out streams and rivers.
             Water pollution from farming, sewage and industry which causes acid rain.
             Loss of countryside to urban development.
             Damage to habitats resulting in loss of wildlife.
             Rising demand for rock, sand, and gravel which harms wildlife.
             In a perfect world, global sustainability can be achieved by protecting the environment and natural resources, protecting plant and animal species, controlling the emission of climate changing gases, and by conserving and expanding forests and natural habitats. However, it is unrealistic to try and do all of these things at once, and it is impossible for it to be done alone. It is a healing process that must take place over time.

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