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Turkey, Iran and Ahmadinejad's Nuclear Armament

             Tehran, the Shah of Iran-Iraq War in the period 1980-1988 as well as initiated and sometimes in spite of the suspension of Iran's nuclear program, which nevertheless remained committed to domestic and foreign policy, sees this as an important element of the instrument and continuity. Iranian political culture inherited from the period of Khomeini and "independence", "anti-Western" and "regional leadership" approach to foreign policy built on the main axis of parameters such as the nuclear program, the Iranian people around a common goal unites. Government and the opposition to Iran's nuclear program is only to unite under the umbrella of national security and national interests, but also to the continuity of the regime is seen as a source of legitimacy. Therefore, both the ruling and the opposition majority in Iran nuclear activities have continued at a consensus.
             To be a global actor in the leading power of the region and its nuclear program serves as a rational instrument of foreign policy, Iran, in 2002 and soon began between Washington and Tehran's nuclear activities into a multilateral determination crisis continues. The US-led Western world and that Iran's nuclear program for military purposes while Tehran is trying to produce nuclear weapons, while Iran's nuclear activities are for civilian purposes and objectives suggests that the peaceful use of nuclear energy to produce.
             Shah was in power during the Cold War through the process management support Iran's nuclear activities, the U.S. and the EU, this time personally opposed to Iran's nuclear program, the 1979 Revolution in Russia and China to support the work of Tehran's nuclear Unlike previous attitudes. This aspect of the Iranian nuclear crisis, a new international system that appears after September 11 "a catalyst for systemic" function causes the different perspectives of seeing and international actors. The crisis reshaped the global system of regional actors such as Turkey and Brazil is in the process of playing the role of a mediator in resolving the nuclear crisis is committed to the diplomatic methods.

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