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Iran Nuclear Program Controversy

            Keneth Waltz in his article highlights the basic reasons why Iran is on track as to its nuclear program. He described the efforts of the parties to the nuclear power negotiation to reach a conclusion that will bring lasting peace to all. However, the negotiation that started a while ago is being faced with so many challenges as all parties are yet to reach a lucid conclusion suitable to all. There have been coercive methods used on Iran to pressure her to drop the nuclear program; this ranges from various sanctions on the part of America and the European Union while more sanctions are still very much likely on the way in the course of the year. Although analysts have predicted a worst possible outcome if Iran is allowed to acquire the nuclear weapons, Waltz has a counter opinion to that fact. In fact, he predicts that acquiring this weapon will be the best possible solution to the imbalances in the Arab region.
             Waltz predicts three different possible outcomes to Iran's acquisition of this weapon. One is that if Iran decides to go ahead with its nuclear plans against all odds, just as was the case in North Korea, there is almost certainly no stopping her. Sanctions on her by the western nations could have adverse effects, but it is not likely to be sufficient to stopping it from continuing with that plan. On the other hand, that possible outcome is not really feasible. Second, another possible outcome is that Iran could be disallowed from embarking on the test of the weapon, but be allowed to build up the break out capability just as it is the case in Japan. This may be well accepted by the Iranian leaders and that of the US and EU as the main aim is to disallow Iran from building the actual weapon and not stop them from having the capability. On the other hand, the author points out the fact that Israel may not absolutely support this deal as her own objective is bent on being the sole nuclear state in the Arab region and at worse not allowing Iran to become one because of the historical differences between them.

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