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US Plans to Meet with Iran Over Nuclear Program

            US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stressed the importance of resolving the Iran nuclear controversy before time runs out. Iran's nuclear program has raised great concern worldwide and even prompted a meeting between the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China over a year ago. However, the meeting ended after the two sides were unable to come to any type of agreement. Since then, Iran has pressed ahead with its nuclear program, claiming it is for peaceful energy and research purposes (Klapper). .
             Clinton said Iran's "window of opportunity" for a peaceful resolution "will not remain open forever." The United States and Israel have the most at stake currently with possible military attacks adding urgency. All countries believe Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons, but Iran says they are merely researching (Klapper).
             "We're going in with one intention: to resolve the international community's concerns about Iran's nuclear program," said Clinton. "Our policy is one of prevention, not containment. We are determined to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. We enter into these talks with a sober perspective about Iran's intentions. It is incumbent upon Iran to demonstrate by its actions that it is a willing partner and to participate in these negotiations with an effort to obtain concrete results" (Klapper). .
             However, Clinton is not very optimistic about Iran's willingness to negotiate. "It soon will be clear whether Iran's leaders are prepared to have a serious, credible discussion about their nuclear program," sad Clinton (Klapper).
             Instead, President Barack Obama announced that the United States plans to penalize Iran by refusing to buy oil from them while also working with other countries to ensure there is enough global petroleum supplies. Additionally, the United States is urging Gulf governments to coordinate a defense strategy and improve maritime security.

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