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The Iran Nuclear Deal

            This image shows Senator Kerry, the secretary of state, comparing a house of cards to the Iran Nuclear deal. In the white house, the secretary of state is the one that carries out the president's foreign policy through the State Department and the Foreign Service of the United States. So, when the Iran Nuclear deal was being negotiated, Senator Kerry was one of the first people to review it. .
             In short, Iranian citizens raised alarm over the country's nuclear program by revealing the existence of two facilities that had not been declared to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations nuclear watchdog. Even though Iran said it was only for research and making electricity, to be safe, the the P5+1 (America, France, Britain, China, Russia and Germany) sought strict limits on Iran's enrichment program. P5+1 made a deal with them stating that they would only be allowed to enrich non-weapon grade uranium in small stocks. The U.S, and the rest of the world wants to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, or at least stop them from being able to get one quickly. .
             This deal is being compared to a house of cards because much like the deal, a house of card can fall apart easily. When it comes to a deal like this one, Iran can easily find a way to cheat and begin enriching more amounts of uranium to weapon grade. However, if Iran decides to abide by the deal, then it will not have enough material, or centrifuges running to make one in at least a decade. The U.S has also placed "inspectors" around Iran's nuclear sites as well as in any suspicious areas to keep an eye out on Iran especially if they decide to not follow the agreement made, but there are no guarantees . The deal limits Iran's enrichment for 15 years. Caps on research and development loosen in about 10 years, but some restrictions will remain for up to 25 years.
             From this cartoon, the artist wants us to see that the deal needs to be more thought out.

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