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Do we really want an European constitution

            Do we really want a European Constitution?.
             In science the award comes for the question - rather than for a seemingly certain.
             answer. The same is true for teaching, especially for teaching democracy, and.
             for education. It often strikes me how much education and democracy have in.
             common: both, theories of education as well as theories of democracy, presume.
             the autonomous individual from the very beginning, capable to question any.
             authority and any wisdom by itself. However, at the same time in both theories.
             there seems to exist the certainty that this autonomous individual still has to be.
             developed to bring it to its full existence.1 (A paradox?) Questions are a good.
             method to balance autonomy, education and science. And constitutions are ideal.
             areas for many questions − both, fundamentally philosophical and quite practical.
             questions. So I chose a constitutional question for my lecture this evening here.
             (in a prestigious institution of higher/may be élite education). I submitted my.
             topic to a question: Do we really want a European Constitution? − a question.
             which, as we all know, may well be divided into many but still.
             meaningful/serious sub-questions. Such as (overhead I).
             Who are we", when it comes to a European Constitution?.
             How free at all are we to design new constitutions"?.
             Do constitutions matter at all: What can constitutions really bring.
             Do we need a European Constitution?.
             Shall we get a European Constitution?.
             What kind of European Constitution may we get?.
             Obviously these questions are good enough to further specify our topic. If for.
             instance the answer to my first question would be that there is no homogeneous.
             European we", i.e. no European Identity, I would have to differentiate and.
             1 In my opinion it is no surprise that two outstanding theorists of democracy - John Locke as well as Jean.
             Jacques Rousseau, - can be praised at the same time for their considerations on education.

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