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            European movement and European integration.
             European integration has a quite long history, but active integration we can notice only during 20th century. During this century there has been revolutionary integration moments like creating ECSO, which later entering different phases of evolution transformed in the European Union. But along with these processes there has been also some deep integration crisis like in 20th 60ties and later in beginning of 80ties. Some aspects of new kind crisis can be noticed even today when it is possible to notice a strong trend towards neorealistic policies. Such movements weaken integration, but nevertheless it still moves forward. Along with collapse of USSR and steady progress of Easter Europe countries towards Western values - fully working democracy and free market - European Union in early 21st century is on the way towards entering a new level of European integration.
             If we want to discuss European integration factors more deeply it is necessary to understand historic situation within which integration started. Therefore we have to turn to situation in Europe straight after II World war. Within this situation European integration motives can be summed up in five key points: first of all, it was wish for new self confidence, for a new feeling of togetherness, secondly it was need for safety and peace, third it was wish for freedom and mobility, fourth - hope for economical welfare and fifth it was hope for united power, which could take Europe to international level where by that time it could coexist side by side with such international superpowers as USA and USSR.
             Already in this early stage of European movement and during following integration emerged conflict between two competing views on integrations future and aim. First view looked at the aim of integration as creating union between independent nation states while the other as a result of integration foresaw creation of some kind European United States.

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