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Civil Rights Yesterday

            Modern liberalism is a thoroughly totalitarian creed. Its adherents brook no opposition to their view of the world. Recently I was reading something which really brought this home to me. What I was looking at was a report by the Council of Europe on a proposed convention on cyber-crime. Naturally what caught my attention was a section subtly titled 'Content-related offences: the problem of criminalising racist and xenophobic propaganda'. .
             This short section is chilling and repulsive. The reader is left in no doubt just how the drafters of the report regard those who persist in doubting the wisdom of the multi-racial project. We are told in the opening paragraph that 'on-line racism should be a punishable offence' and in the following paragraph that it must be made clear to everyone that 'in Europe racism is not an opinion but a crime'. In fact, the whole section is peppered with references to the 'propagation of racial hatred', 'racist criminals', 'hate messages' and such like. Most revolting of all is the not uncommon equation of 'racism' with child pornography. .
             Disingenuously, the report at one point actually defines a 'racist website' as one which is 'designed to promote the superiority of a particular race'. No self-respecting liberal would take such a restrictive view of what constitutes racism and I am sure if the recommendations contained in the report are enacted they will not be enforced so narrowly. Racism - as anyone who has ever spoken out against government policy in this area will know only too well - is interpreted by our political masters to mean any criticism of mass immigration and the multi-racial society, however reasonable. .
             What the section ends up by focusing on is the fact that those in Europe who are sceptical of government race policy can evade political control by placing their sites on Nowhere in the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights does it protect anyone from being offended or offended by speech.

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