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Individual Rights Versus Public Order

            As we begin the twenty-first century, I find that there is a fine line that is growing thinner .
             between a United States citizen's individual rights and safety for the general public order. As the .
             years pass, there are fewer individual rights that are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the .
             first ten amendments, known as The Bill of Rights. .
             When the U.S. Constitution was first written, individual rights were just assumed to exist .
             within the provisions made (Ahern). In other words, it was written without any amendments. .
             After further discussion and the gathering of suggestions and ideas, the first ten amendments were .
             added. Some of the individual rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, including those affecting .
             criminal defendants in the criminal justice courts, are protection from abuse of power. Additional .
             individual rights include the right to petition the government, the right to congregate with other .
             individuals peaceably in a public place, the freedom to attend a chosen religion of their choice, the .
             privilege to speak freely in public, the freedom of the use of press, and the constant pursuit of .
             happiness (The First Amendment). .
             The Bill of Rights and other amendments protect American citizens from unreasonable .
             search and seizure. They assure citizens the right to reasonable bail, the right to due process of .
             law, and the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. Both of these protections and .
             citizens" individual rights, as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and other amendments, are being .
             threatened each day, not only in the name of public order, but by the government's desire to .
             control individuals" lives (Criminal Justice).
             Page 2.
             "Public safety and interest to society" takes precedence over individual rights. Some .
             offenses against public safety or public order include failure to disperse, such as when an .
             individual is a member of a group with three or more members who cause substantial risk of .

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