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The Failures of Canadian Multiculturalism

            The policy of multiculturalism in Canada began in 1988 after the Canadian Multiculturalism Act was passed. This was new law was in keeping with the Canadian constitution that recognizes and provides for the right of every Canadian to be protected. The Act envisioned establishing a multicultural society that would define the diversity of Canada to the world and the future generations. The policy allowed Canadians from different ethnic communities, races, origins etc. to take part in shaping the future of Canada. This was to eliminate the existing and apparent barriers that excluded minority cultures from participating in nation building. Today, Canada remains among the few countries that have anchored multiculturalism in the constitution. It has gained the international reputation of a flourishing multicultural life among its citizens. The multiculturalism policy has been offered as an answer to the question of how Canada ought to respond to the fact of its own cultural diversity. The diversity arises from immigration and is carried by people who may not yet be citizens. .
             The policy has failed to meet the primary objective of establishing a multicultural society that appreciates and accommodates new immigrants into the mainstream. Today, new Canadians are being integrated in the mainstream of Canada. Instead, they are retaining or adopting values that are different from Canadian values. This suggests that the policy has failed to attract the interest of minorities into appreciating the need to integrate in the mainstream. .
             Multiculturalism emphasizes social distinctions and thus naturally it is discordant with the overall goal of achieving a common identity for Canadians. It undermines the cultural cohesion because people are keen to show their differences rather than integrate it in other cultures though in a differentiated way. While immigrants and other social groups pursue to retain and practice their cultures, they clash with other cultures that may have differing practices.

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