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Multiculturalism - A Utopian Concept

            Ever since we entered the era of globalization supported by the rapid development of technology and communication device, the movement of people is no longer inevitable. A person or even a group of people can migrate from one place to another as they want despite crossing the border or even the continental limit. This leads to the encounter and interaction of people from all over the world who used to be isolated from one another and as a result, a global network is formed. To that end, in this day and age, we can say that there is a zero possibility of a nation to run its own without the need to interact with other nations and this is what is meant by globalization.
             Globalization then allows groups of people who are completely different, both in terms of ethnicity, language, religion, or physical form to live side by side. This society is what we called as a plural society. Typically, to prevent conflict, they tend to try to unite. The united plural society will merge into another society or they can just let the differences exist among them, forming a mosaic. They then will be able to form a society that embraces multiculturalism.
             Multiculturalism is a concept that emphasizes the acceptance of religious reality, plurality, and multicultural society (Azra, 2007). However, we should not just leave it at that. To achieve a multicultural society we must recognize, respect, and accept different thing that comes from different group because the equality among everyone is imperative.
             Countries such as the United States and Canada, whose citizens consisting of different ethnic and race, have been implementing the concept of multiculturalism. Even Indonesia has started to struggle for it. This is because multiculturalism appears to be an ideal concept to be applied in pluralistic society and it is believed that the concept of multiculturalism is able to eliminate interethnic conflict. But in reality, there is not a single country in this entire world that has successfully practiced multiculturalism (McGhee, 2008).

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