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Australian National Cinema

            LMU Munchen - Institut fur englische Philologie - Sommersemester 2002 .
             Australian national cinema 1970-2000:.
             A window to the chancing face of Australian national .
             identity and self image.
             1. National cinema - an introduction S. 04 - 06.
             1.1 "The Hollywoodisation- phenomenon S. 03 - 04 1.2 Australian national cinema S. 04.
             1.3 S. 05 - 06.
             2. Elements of National identity S. 06 - 10.
             2.1 Ethnicity S. 06 - 07.
             2.2 Gender S. 07 - 08.
             2.3 Race S. 08 - 09.
             2.4 Class S. 09 - 10.
             2.5 Nation S. 09 - 10.
             3. References S. 19 - 20.
             1. National Cinema- an introduction.
             1.1 The "Hollywoodisation- phenomenon.
             It's out of question that today's cinema landscape is strongly dominated by the American film industry. The massive dominance of Hollywood [ ] has left the film industries of other countries facing a choice between two different options for survival. On the one hand [ ] the possibility of attempting to emulate Hollywood and to trying to steal some business through direct competition. The other option was to make films that were dramatically different, highlighting the unique qualities of the nation's cinema.).
             What are qualities of a national cinema though and how can one define a nation's cinema?.
             The term national cinema is closely related to the idea of a national or common identity. Over the past few years an increased self-consciousness about national cinemas has been arising around the world. The question is how film industries, their products, and their effects are engaged with a common identity.
             Elsaesser describes the perception of a national cinema as "[ ] the presenting or projecting [of] an identity, a narrative image of an entire country."" 2) Quote.
             This thesis focuses on the Australian National Cinema with an emphasis on.
             the three decade-period between the year 1970 and 2000.
             1.2 Australian National Cinema.
             During the period 1970-2000 Australian National Cinema has moved through a rapid, multi-facetted transition, negotiating cleavages of ethnicity, gender, race, class and nation' 1) to give us a telling insight into how Australians view their country and themselves.

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