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Concepts of Advertising Management

             Movie World (more commonly referred to as Movie World) is a popular movie related theme park on the Gold Coast in Australia. This park's official opening was held on 3 June 1991. It is owned and operated by Village Roadshow since the take over from Time Warner and is the only movie related park in Australia. This park has many films in it including House of Wax, the first Scooby Doo film, the 2003 Peter Pan film, Ghost Ship, The Condemned and Fortress are amongst the many films and television series produced at Warner Roadshow Studios, adjoining Warner Bros. Movie World. Corporate image begins with the public's perception of a company the preconceived ideas and prejudices that customers from over time. This theme park could give more happier to customers. It has unique features easily attract around to different age group consumers go to there and they have many special considerations in the marketplace, for example, famous festivals it can celebrate, such as Hallowmas, White Christmas etc. The competitive advantages is many people like watching movie and above half people want have a role in a play for one movie or see their hero in the real world , so "Movie World" is a best place for them. It can help them finished their dream that not only including more popular movie- themed rides and many activities in it (like costumed character performers also patrol the park) but also has attraction ranging from motion simulators to roller coasters and slow river rides. Specially, because of many children have movies' hero in their heart, such as Superman, Spiderman etc. Furthermore, when their parents bring them to "Movie World", they can see the real "hero" in the park and will feel exciting. The other side, it still have more competitors, the main competitors including Dream World, Water World and Sea World. Because these theme park build on nearby Movie World and they have similar target market.

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