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Project Management And Implemetation

             InnDebt Corporation is a mid-size company located in Midwest City, Oklahoma. InnDebt Corporation offers a Visa and MasterCard to its customers. Recently, the company has noticed a decline in card usage by approximately 60% of its customers. Based on this decline, management at InnDebt Corporation initiated a phone and mail survey to its customer-base to discover the reason for decreased usage of its credit cards. The results of the survey determined that many cardholders were dissatisfied with not being able to access their account information via the World Wide Web (WWW). Cardholders commented that their other credit cards have on-line services that meet the demands of their busy life styles. .
             Based on the results of the surveys, sr. management at InnDebt Corporation has decided to implement a project to create a customer web site. Once functional, the web-site will allow cardholders to access their account information 24 hours a day, pay their monthly bill on line, request credit increases, update personal information and report lost or stolen cards. The web site will also have a feature for new customers to apply for credit cards.
             The successful implementation of a customer web site along with effective advertising will increase card usage by existing customers, while also attracting a new customer-base. .
             Project Objectives.
             The objectives for the implementation of Online Credit Card services for InnDebt Corporation are:.
             • To expand their current operations to the WWW within six months.
             • To ensure that the web site is fully operational 24 hours a day.
             • To ensure that all features described in the Statement of Need function properly prior to project implementation.
             • To ensure that the web site receives appropriate advertising through television ads, mailings, and internet advertising.
             • To ensure secure transactions for the company's clientele.

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