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Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management

             Information and knowledge transfer are currently necessary elements of any business. For organizations to attain and maintain a competitive edge then it is essential that there is continuous knowledge creation, distribution, and its utilization. Knowledge management is vital in ensuring that this is achieved for businesses to realize maximum innovativeness and overall improved performance. Various techniques have been developed to assist people achieve knowledge management. Among this is the Communities of Practice concept that is a strategy aimed at bringing together persons that have some common mission enabling them to share ideas and expertise. An organization can also use this approach through creating teams that are working together in a particular project thus making it possible for information to flow. With Communities of Practice, an organization can realize improved performance through the enhanced levels of innovativeness. The problem-solving process also becomes faster and easier because there is the combination of numerous intellectual ideas and skills. The benefits that a business gets from the use of Communities of Practice should serve to encourage these organization to implement.
             A Review of Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management.
             Knowledge management in organizations has become a vital aspect that helps them realize success. Both information and knowledge transfer are critical elements that are required to attain and maintain a competitive advantage. Knowledge management that refers to the processes of capturing, creating, sharing, and the effective utilization of the organizational knowledge, is essential for driving innovativeness. According to Hinton (2003), the concept helps in facilitating decision-making, stimulating cultural change and develops a learning organization. Communities of Practice came up from the need to achieve information sharing as part of knowledge management.

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