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British Petroleum - Knowledge Management

            BP (British Petroleum) is 1 of the biggest energy companies in the world, there are almost 100000 employees in this company. BP offers to its consumers petrochemical products for daily use items, energy for light and heat, fuel for transports with retail services. From 1966 Lord Browne was the CEO of the company for many years. He focused on two areas : one is green energy and second is knowledge management. In my research I focused on BP when Lord Bowne was CEO. .
             BP was first adopter of Knowledge Management, a scheme that collects all data gathered across an organization. Using this structure engineers and managers at every level have admission to, and may learn from, experiences of each other. Knowledge Management (KM) is the method in which a corporate like BP can take the knowledge of its experts and employees across the world and carry it all together to form a competitive advantage and best practice.
             BP began using of KM principles in the mid-1990s when Lord Browne was CEO (under his leadership) and has sustained until now with the implementation and development of KM Guidelines for Production and Exploration. "The simple minimum for Knowledge Management is to make KM strategy a actuality: to confirm that people are out there relating the best knowledge which BP has, in a constant manner all over the world," says Houston- BP consultant Wendy C Valot. "Knowledge Management holds all disciplines connected to E&P, from engineering to drilling to task management, with the creation of the best performs.".
             According to E&P, best training is available as either technical or drilling practices (industrial) or regulation notes (task management) for all the 100 or more sub-categories and disciplines of work which BP assumes. Groups of practice are, then, key for confirming that KM is effective and survives. Groups of practice allow persons across a discipline, to remain, to connect aligned and to relate consistent performs.

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