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Organizational Management: Vestas Wind Systems

             " Currently the market leader within the wind industry, primarily in wind turbines, Vestas Wind Systems is a Danish organization with one hundred ten years of expertise and experiences that is continuing to evolve through the twenty- first century in the modern energy industry. Vestas is the only global energy company exclusively dedicated to wind energy and innovation. They strive to improve business case certainty and reduce customers' cost of energy. Developing close partnerships with customers is vital to offering the most effective solutions toward energy independence. Vestas Wind Systems' core business is the development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of wind power plants, covering every aspect of the value chain from site studies to service and maintenance. The Vestas mission statement captures their business commitment to customers' objective and the well being of our planet. It reflects the high quality of their wind energy solutions and how they set the pace in the industry through leadership and quicker, more efficient operations than their competitors. .
             Vertical Structure & Decentralization.
             Vestas has a relatively tall management structure, organizing superiors and subordinates under seven key pillars representing all operating units within the company. The eight members of the Executive Committee oversee all forms of operations to ensure the well being of the company along with the betterment of overall performance. Mostly all departments of management are beneficial to Vestas, allowing one individual to oversee unit operations as a whole ensuring optimal performance and be able to pinpoint areas that may be lacking, all while keeping finances reasonably within the budget. However, the Service unit and the Technology and Service Solutions unit tend to run together and over lap each other, ultimately working toward the same goals separately. These two units could be more beneficial to the organization if converged into one unit, operating concurrently to resolve issues and achieve goals, instead of communication constantly going back and forth between the two, creating constraints to both units.

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