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Quality Management Systems and ISO 9000 Certification

            Essay 1: As a Manager of Quality, What I Would Do to Prepare my Company to Get ISO 9000 Certification for my Company.
             ISO 9000 is a standard for quality systems developed by the International Organization for Standardization. The reason a company would want their quality system to conform to ISO is that customers may be demanding evidence that an organization operates at a certain level of quality. Other reasons are that they are better able to maintain or increase market share, improve internal and external quality, improve reliability and time performance, and reduce costs. To meet ISO 9000 requirements, the company must meet a standard that is spelled out in eight clauses. The last five of these eight are what the company should pay close attention to.
             Develop Policies, Procedures, and Practices.
             The idea behind the quality management system (QMS) is to continually improve the organization's effectiveness and to be sensitive to customers" needs. For the QMS to work, the company must first establish a QMS by developing policies, procedures, and work instructions or practices. A policy manual would be written and I would have the company state why the QMS is needed and what will be done. This would be achieved through issuing a Quality Policy Statement. For my organization, this statement might be something like:.
             Quality is extremely important to our organization. Each employee, from top management to our line workers, is committed to showing our customers we value quality through continuously improving our products and services and being sensitive to customers" expectations.
             Then I would state who will be involved in the system, when the QMS will be implemented and reviewed, and what places in the organization the QMS will likely be affected. Finally I would keep records to see that the policies, procedures, and practices are being followed and develop documentation to provided guidelines for internal quality management.

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