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Project Planning & Implementation:Example

             The purpose of this project will be to develop and Quality Control Reporting system (QCR) for the certification of ISO 9000. XYZ is a small medical products company employing about fifty people. A year ago, the company was purchased by a larger medical manufacturing company called XYZ. Since that purchase XYZ mandated that XYZ become ISO 9000 certified.
             The reason for XYZ to become ISO 9000 is for the expansion of their business products. To become ISO 9000, a company must have in place a system, including procedures, to ensure document control and records management, standard quality procedures, reporting, discrepancy identification and rectification. It applies to industries involved in design, development, manufacturing, installation and servicing of products or services. If a company fails to comply with the ISO 9000 it will mean loss of business.
             Project Objectives.
             XYZ management has determined that to accomplish becoming ISO 9000 certified they must incorporate a Quality Control Reporting (QCR) module that will interface with the existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
             Mission and Goals of Project.
             According to XYZ management the QCR module needs to perform certain functions for the company to become ISO 9000 certified.
              QCR module must interface with the ERP system. The ERP system handles customer orders, inventory, purchasing, invoicing and Tinaing.
              The QC module should provide data collection, storage, analysis and reporting.
              Quality reports should be available for the following departments: QC, accounting, marketing, shipping and management.
              The QC module must be able to identify, isolate, and eliminate quality problems immediately.
              Increasable manufacturing efficiency must be achieved.
              The system must be flexible and scalable.
             Project (Plan) Approach.
             Project (Plan) Organization.
             A project team committee will be established to address all questions and concerns.

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