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Senior Project

            For my senior Project I selected an environmental service project that would require the clearing of vegetation from an elementary school ground.
             This project was selected because it was something that needs to be done for the school and I could help out with my knowledge of native plant species. I first found out about this need by my mom who works for the school, something was mentioned to her and she then passed the information on to me. I then took it to the next level by calling the principal at Limestone Creek Elementary School she then gave me the number to a lady named Barbara who is the Beautification Committee Project Planner. Barbara and I spoke over the phone a few times before we met at the project site here she showed me what plants the school wanted out and I showed her some of the exotics that I would like to take out. She totally agreed to let me have control over the whole project.
             Planning for the project started soon afterward I spoke with numerous adults Including Mark who owns a Landscaping company and my father who has done quite a bit of work in the landscaping field. They agreed that my plan of attack was excellent and that I should carry on with it, as soon as I got the OK I set a date December 21,2002 and started printing up Flyers to hand out to volunteers. They were instructed to meet at the school on Saturday December 21,200 at 8:30am. .
             Once everybody was gathered I lead them to the site which was the rear northwest corner of Limestone Creek. After everybody signed in I leaded them around on an instruction tour of the area where I explained what needed to be cleared and what needed to be left alone. All the volunteers then were instructed to divide up and work on different areas of the site. While they were clearing I was overseeing the progress they were making and keeping them from clearing any native vegetation that was needed. After about an hour I selected a few volunteers to help with the disposal of the cleared vegetation.

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