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Senior Year Reflection Project

            My junior year I wrote a paper on the symptoms and effects of domestic violence. The following year I chose to build a 3-D replica of a domestic violence help center, and make a billboard, and slideshow on domestic violence. The 3-D replica of the domestic violence help center offers a hospital, a shelter, a rehab, and a self defense class space. The first thing I had to do in completing my product was to write and illustrate a children's book that went along with my research paper. After finishing the replica, I then had to come up with a visual for the presentation I would be conducting. I had to include things such as facts and statistics. Later, I came up with a PowerPoint that would further add to the billboard that I have built. I started off with the statistics of the homelessness in America, due to domestic violence. Additionally, I included the amount of medical care domestically abused partners get. So the billboard is about, "domestic violence and why people need to speak up." Finally, I made a PowerPoint about what are the signs of violent partner, the stages of domestic violence, and how to avoid it. .
             The goals I wrote about in my reflection were to have everything perfect, even the little details. I also wanted to keep everything easy to understand, and a place with furniture in each room of the replica. I have completed these goals when I finished building my product. To show my 15 completed hours on my project I was given a mentor log, and I filled it out every day. In the log I described what I did that day to be granted my hours. I also described what I was planning on doing the next day. I had to provide evidence of what I wrote on the logs. My thesis is domestic violence is a growing epidemic; it ruins lives, it breaks up families, and has a lasting impact on its victims. My product connects to my thesis by helping keep families together. My product shows a twenty-first century connection by providing a solution to a major problem in today's society.

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