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Americanization of Canada

             Americans and Canadians have always seen themselves as belonging to two distinct countries and societies. However, as we enter the twenty- first century[,] the massive role that the United States plays in every aspect of Canadian life continues to grow more apparent. The unification of Canada and America is closer than the world anticipates, and the Washington Post forecasts this change as they write, "Canada and the United States are poised to consider erasing the world's longest undefended border - Slowly, Canada delineates into the suburb of America. Slowly[,] both societies become symmetrical, and Canada becomes more and more dependant on the United States. According to Statistic's Canada, 87.4% of Canada's exports go to the U.S. - a number upwards of $474 billion. Canada's floundering identity is slowly diluting and digressing towards a more assertive American way of life. By choosing to model their society and economy after America's, the threat of Canada failing to create a distinctive heritage for itself rears its ugly head. By defining America, their society, and economy one can see the threat of Canada losing its heritage is increasing. Twenty-seven of the fifty U.S. states own land in Canada. The majority of Canadian culture is reliant on American ideals, idols and idiosyncrasies. .
             The definition of Americanization is clear: the perpetuation of a single American model onto the world. Canada and America are like conjoined twins at birth - they cannot be separated without one of them dying, and they cannot be apart no matter how hard they try. "Our [Canadian] cassus belli, or overall feelings for Americans, are only negative because we're jealous of our reliance on them. We feel they stole hockey, rugged nature, beer - these staple goods of the Canadian identity, from us rather than vice versa,"" says Allan Smith in An American Nation?. .
             Canadian's eat American fast food, watch American produced movies, drive American cars and read American magazines.

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