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Architecture - Knowledge and Techniques

            Avanti Architects has been winning several awards across different fields such as healthcare, sustainable design and conservation design. They recently won the National History museum project: repairing and restoring of Grade 1 listed Waterhouse Building Façade. This required a lot of technical and academical knowledge for the conservation. So, I ask, how does this architectural practice keep achieving such a broad range of projects, that require such specialised knowledge and skill? The answer can be seen within their specific inter-relationship of individuals, a strong understanding of colleagues' capability to achieve their ethos and careful business management to expand the practice abroad with relatively guaranteed income. .
             Avanti is an award winning design practice providing architectural design, sustainable design, masterplanning, interior design and landscape design services. The company was established in 1981 with 5 members. Today Avanti has grown to a size of 65 members with a wide range of portfolio, including residential, commercial, regeneration, education, health and conservation. Projects are seen ranging from £1million to £250 million delivered both in the UK and abroad. The practice's reputation is founded on providing high quality designs and strategic advice to clients based on innovation, flexibility and sustainability. Director Amir Ramezani says "the core ethos of the practice is to run the projects with holistic round idea of sustainability: not only environmental but socially, economically, community-wise and historically"2 when being interviewed. .
             The core ethos of a comprehensive view to sustainability was the goal of Avanti from the beginning. At that time they were doing small social housing projects, however 5 mere architects were not enough to achieve this ethos completely, so they hired the architects with specialised knowledges.

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