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Personal Statement of Purpose

            I have a warm and lovely family with five members. Being the eldest of three children in the family, my parents have high expectation of me. I believe the eldest child plays a vital role in the structure of the family. I have a propensity to be confident and often crave my independence since I was young. My parents trust me to set an impressive example for my younger siblings. Apart from my parents, I often feel obligated to set the standards of what the right things to do and to advise my younger siblings to learn from my experiences when they were the same age. This accountability instills in me a motivation to act in a respectable and responsible manner. .
             I was an architecture major at ABC University and I earned my Master's Degree in Architecture at XYZ. While devoting most of my time to architectural studies for six years, I found myself very interested in business-related subjects. I took few courses concentrated in marketing analysis and economics, and learned a lot of essential knowledge of business fundamentals. While my grades at this time were not reflective of my abilities, my interest in the subjects was genuine. .
             I have to admit that I have not always excelled in certain courses associated with computer software, such as multimedia processing and computer programming in architecture; however, I am strong-willed and have the capability to overcome any obstacles in my way. Whenever I have difficulties completing an assignment, I would try my best to research relevant information on the Internet or from books, or even ask for professional assistance from friends. The process could be time-consuming and would require hours of practice to master the techniques, but it was a rewarding moment when I finished the task. I truly agree with the saying that "Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.".
             As to my personality, I'm optimistic, determined, willing to help others and down to earth with characteristics of extroversion and agreeableness.

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