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Deep Thinking

            Throughout this course I have learned so much about how life is, and can be, explored through using the beliefs you carry, the values you learn, and the qualities you enhance. Most of all, I have learned that life is too short to let your time slip away and let the values of you and your family hold wither due to lack of self esteem and outside support and encouragement. The characteristics of time and values are the most definite when trying to create a "name" for yourself. You need time to set the pace for your priorities and define personal goals toward time management. By determining your own personal purpose for life, also known as your mission statement, you establish a way of means to finish and conclude special tasks; whether it be general or personal goals. I've learned that without goals set for yourself, you may find it hard to succeed in life; personally, financially, emotionally, mentally, etc. However, in order to set goals, you need to have the background of values to determine what is most important to you.
             Traditional and societal values have had a major impact on my life. I understand, now most definitely, how important and influential positive family customs are needed in my life, now and forever. Also seeing that I am just one person makes life a little less stressful by allowing me to become the person I want to be in the future. Without my family and other resources my past, present, and future would not be the same. I enjoy having the satisfaction of knowing that I am here on earth to embark on a journey that will set forth my future plans and my future self.

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