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Looking Deeper Into The Scarlet Letter

            Looking Deeper Into the Scarlet Letter.
             The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, was a well written book. It was difficult reading, but a good lesson is taught. It is not just a book dealing with the topic of sin. It goes much deeper. It talks about choices and life, and what the choices cause.
             Before the class discussion, I enjoyed the book, but did not feel there was any other symbolism than the scarlet "A" representing Hester's sin. The discussion helped me too understand much more about the novel than I had previously imagined. Through the discussion, I was able to see how each character handled their respective problems. I was opened to more views and opinions about the three main characters.
             I learned the most about Dimmesdale from the discussions. I overall liked this character, but I did not like how he handled the situation with Hester and Pearl. I did not like how he at first would not stand up with the two and did not want anyone to know that he was the adulterer. The discussion helped me to see why he did not come out with the truth from the beginning. He was a well known minister in the town, and was one of the main leaders. If he were involved in a situation dealing with sin, not only could his job be in jeopardy, but his whole reputation. His high standards and class could all be thrown out if the public took his sins and looked down on him. I was glad for Hester when Dimmesdale finally did stand up at the scaffold and confess his sins. That event cleared up many ties; those ties being with God, Pearl, Chillingworth, and especially Hester.
             The discussion also helped me to view Hester in a different way than I had at first. I thought at first maybe she had never had any friends, because no one was there to support her during her time of need. One reason no one was there for her was probably because there are not many people who would be willing to risk their reputation to help someone who has committed a terrible sin.

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