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Scarlet Letter

            Analysis of Hester Prynne from "A Scarlet Letter" .
             In a time where women didn't stand for much, Hester Prynne stood up for her right to be a woman, to be human, to be strong. She followed her heart and therefore dealt with the consequences that soon followed. She raised her child in the same town that shunned her and was a woman of pride and inner beauty. Not long after this story was published, did women start rebelling against their so-called "position" in society. Hester would have been very proud. The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is an amazing story of Hester's strength in exposing and accepting her sin, choosing to wear bold apparel, and helping Dimmesdale deal with his inner conflict. She is truly a model for advocates of the early women's right movement.
             Although the scarlet letter burned a hole to her heart, Hester wears it and never denies it, which shows a true strength from within. When she was subjected to standing on the scaffold she held her baby tight as people looked her up and down with disgust (Hawthorne 52). Even though the "A" presented such problems for her, she didn't remove it and stood her sentence out despite how embarrassing it must have been. The first thing her darling Pearl noticed when she was born was the scarlet letter on her mother's chest. She reached up to touch it, and the letter became part of Hester, not only her physical being, but her mental being also (88). Pearl didn't actually know that the "A" represented Hester's sin of adultery, but instead she bonded with the object. And still Hester leaves it be, and allows it to thread its way through her life and the life of her child. Hester is made fun of and stared at with disgust, but still maintains the will power to look away and continue on with her life. Her daughter is also forced to suffer because of her decision. Not only do the elders of the community look down upon Hester and Pearl, so do the children.

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