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Personal Statement

            Growing up in a politically active and conscious family, I was always aware of our people's struggles, our history and our triumphs. As I got older, I was given room to examine my own beliefs and reach my own ideals. I realized that I too, had a great interest in politics, the structure of government and the advancement of our Cause.
             I have been certain for quite some time, of my intention to study Political Science and perhaps become an attorney or assume a position in government from which I could be of some assistance to my people. However, in the last year I have come to realize the fulfillment I receive from participating in an organization whose purpose it is to work towards the advancement of a Cause, which has always been of great concern to me. .
             Being fortunate enough to have been a part of Greg Krikorian's School Board campaign ignited a fire inside of me that I didn't even know existed. I realized how significant it is to have a strong passion towards the cause you are campaigning for. I was always aware of the fact that the race was for something much greater than a School Board seat. I knew we were fighting to have our voice heard, we were fighting for representation of our children, and we were fighting for progress of our Cause in our citie's public schools. In the end, we also made history.
             It was quite apparent to everyone, that there was a strong youth involvement in our campaign, which seemed to come as somewhat of a surprise to everyone. It is true, that getting youth involved is not always achievable, yet I am certain that if approached in a certain manner, the youth of today, have far greater drive than they are given credit for. .
             I have incredible enthusiasm towards our Cause and I know that if given the proper skills and an outlet, I can be successful in igniting that same fire in our Armenian youth.

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