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Personal statement

             Personal Statement.
             My mother often comments in my personality by saying that I am different from others since my infancy, who started to run before having learned to walk, and who hurried to run as soon as I was out of my mother`s hand. And I fell again and again but never stopped trying. It might be due to this in-born personality, I have experienced three "big jumps" after my infancy. .
             My first "jump" is the jump from Grade 5 of a town primary school to Grade 7 of a city junior school. And then, I jumped from the Top 39 ranked according to the entrance examto the Top 3 ranked according to the final-term exam. And again from the third place to the first place in the following exam, and I remained to be the first place holder for two years running. My second significant "jump" is the jump from the an average junior middle school to the most "advanced" class of the best provincial senior middle school. That "advanced" calss only enrolls the Top 60 students out of the 90,000 from the junior middle school across the Province, and I was the only one who was admitted in my school. At the time when I entered the "advanced" class, my rank was only the Top 43, but I jumped from that ranking to the Top 5 within one semester, and I successfully completed all the three-year courses in two years, that is my third "jump". .
             When I was still in Grade 8, a very good friend of mine studying in the UK described her experiences and memories in and of the country. I was deeply struck by her descriptions. I was drawn to the flexible teaching methods, the cheerful and spacious school campus, and the healthy and inspiring learning environments of the UK. Deeply influenced by my mother, who works as an accountant, I became much sensitive to mathematical figures and solutions. And by and by, my interest had expanded and extended along that line to Accounting and finance in Business. I know that UK institutions of high education are playing a leading role in this field, and that is why I had chosen UK for college education.

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