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Personal Statement

             Why are you choosing a career in nursing at this time?.
             First of all, it is my long-time dream to be a doctor, but financial matters hindered me from achieving that dream. Nursing for me is the closest profession related to becoming a doctor that is why I decided to pursue it. Second of all, I considered taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing because we all know that there is a shortage in medical workers, and hospitals really need a lot of nurses or other medical assistance to accommodate the needs of the growing population of patients. Thirdly, this profession pays well among other careers here in the United States and this will help me a lot; for I consider myself a breadwinner for my family. As such, I want be of service not only to my countrymen as well as to my own family by providing for their daily household expenses. Lastly, I am choosing a career in nursing at this time because I want to make a difference in a person's life each day. We believe that residents and family members find comfort in knowing a caring, qualified nurse is at the helm each day, that is why I want to commit myself to my country by providing the best nurse to all its residents at all times.
             What talents and qualities do you possess to make you a strong candidate for the program?.
             Being a successful part-time student and a full-time professional worker proved me that I have good academic and work ethics. I see myself as a fast learner and a person who can quickly adapt to varying situations. I always have the motivation to study and I always try to finish my projects on time. I am open to criticisms and I consider them as a helping tool to reflect on my weaknesses and help improve myself to be a better person. I have the nature to help people without asking anything in return. I am a committed and a dedicated person, which can be of great help to complete my assigned duties in the future. We all know that in order to provide quality care to our residents as they age and their needs increase it is imperative to have a well-qualified nurse today, and with that, I believe that with my inner wisdom and knowledge among things, I can contribute a lot to those in need.

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