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Personal Statement

             I have always dreamed of choosing a medical field as my career. As I grew up, I found out my interests were more towards science. In high school, chemistry became one of my most favorite subjects among all the science subjects. I took one and half years of chemistry in high school. Biology was also my favorite subject. When I started going to college, I didn't know what I wanted to do in medical field. I again took one semester of chemistry. Chemistry isn't the only subject I like, which is related to pharmacy. I have also been curious about knowing the names of the drugs. I started working in pharmacy to see if I would like pharmacy as my career. After working there for a while, I realized how much pharmacists contribute to the society. That's when I decided to become a pharmacist.
             I describe myself as a hardworking student. I always try my best to achieve the most. Realizing the fact that completing a pharmacy education is a real challenge, I will work hard and try my best to become a best pharmacist. I know the fact that I will have to contribute lot of my time and be a patient at the same time. I will do all that because I want to see myself as a successful pharmacist in a future. I will get advantage of helping people through this profession, which will be the greatest satisfaction for me. I would like to make a difference in people's life by helping with their health problems. One of the reasons, I chose this profession is because it's not limited to dispensing drugs any more. It's shifting from a product-oriented profession to a patient oriented profession. This profession will give me opportunity to help people with their medications. There are many more rewarding aspects of this career, which attracted me towards it.

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