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personal statement

             Many people and many events in my life have shaped me into the person that I am today. What seemed only impossible three years ago has become a forthcoming reality now. I"m writing this statement now as I anticipate the permission to study at University of Illinois at Chicago, which is my next step in brightening my future.
             (The reason for degree).
             I was born the only son in my family in 1982. Since my father is a successful lumber trade businessman, importing lumber from the U.S. and exporting it to S. Korea, I have learned the business mind from him. When my father took me to American companies for his business, I took pleasure in experiencing a new life and culture and I began to feel comfortable in the business atmosphere. Actually, my father had a big failure before his success. Because of the worst Korea Economic disaster in 1992, which we called I.M.F, his business collapsed down. I was an elementary school student at that time. Our family had the hardest time ever in terms of finance that we have ever dealt with. The house had been taken by loaners and we had to move to a cheap and small basement. I wanted to work as a newspaper delivery boy in order to earn money for my family. Four years later, my father rebuilt his business successfully and now he earns more money than before. Without his success, I would not be here right now. This experience made me choose to pursue the adventurous and fascinating business degree at ______University.
             (Bragging Part) .
             From high school through college, I gained substantial leaderships skills through a variety of activities. Soccer plays a big role in my life and was brought me many opportunities. I was a vice president of an internet soccer club, which I really enjoyed. Also, I always wished to play soccer with people from all over the world. I have finally gotten my wish in the U.S. I initiated a club on campus called "The International Soccer Club" and I am now the president.

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