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My personal statement

             "It's not enough to be good, if you have the ability to be better-. This particular quotation is example of my thoughts towards the value of determination. Determination is a mental motivator that is key to strive for your goals and dreams. It is also essential for a productive education. Initially, I entered high school as a young and nave student with no plans for the future. Gradually, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. Determination to reach my dream has helped me to be more focus in school. I now exercise myself to take my education seriously, seek any opportunities and most importantly, to not settle for good if I can do better. .
             My present academic plans are to attend University of Hawaii-Manoa and compete for an opportunity to be apart of their limited nursing program. I am presently enrolled in a college prep course leading towards the medical field called Human Physiology, in which I furthered my knowledge of the body. In this class, we are introduced to the various systems of the body and we are expected to be individually independent. With determination, I am able to use this class to my advantage and hopefully reach my dreams.
             I am also volunteering at Saint Francis West, in which I joined in order to get a feel of how working in the hospital is. Its kind of like hitting two birds with one stone because not only am I benefiting my dreams of becoming a nurse, I am also fulfilling my psychological rewards by helping others. I love working in the hospital because although I don't get to work in contact with patients, I know that I am being a big help by doing the behind the scenes work. .
             I am determined to not only dream about becoming a nurse, but to help myself. Although I may struggle studying, I know my capabilities and I know that I have the determination to finish college. After receiving my degree, I plan to devote my life to helping others.

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