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Law School Personal Statement

             A week after my family's convenience store was held up by an armed robber, the night shift's cashier quit. As I found myself filling the void, I heard every second of the night pass, by the ticking of the second hand. It was like the sound of a cat scratching a blackboard. However, having been raised in urban New York, I was not overcome with agony due to fear but rather I was anticipating the outcome of a legal mediation that was to occur the next afternoon. .
             My parents had been cheated when they bought a gas station from a seller who had gravely misrepresented the facts and figures. At the time of the purchase, my parents and the seller signed a closing statement with a title company for $1.7 million, which a bank entirely financed with a first lien note. My parents, without understanding the situation due to the language barrier, also signed a second lien note for $750,000.00, which is unrecorded in the closing statement and therefore invalid. I believe that besides cheating my parents, the seller also tried to evade high taxes on capital gain. We consulted numerous attorneys in order to explore the possibility of having the second lien discarded. The attorneys, unanimously, were perplexed by the case. One attorney, Danny Dishongh, said, "This is one of those crazy what-if situations they ask you about in law school!" Even though this case is still unresolved, I was able to draw one conclusion from it: I wanted to become an attorney. By observing and participating in the legal processes, I realized the overwhelming importance of the legal profession. Law, through its application, has a tremendous power to do good, and this intrigued me. As a result of this experience, I sought and acquired work in the legal profession working in the capacity of a legal aide. This only strengthened my resolve to enter the legal profession! .
             Along with practicing law, I plan to use the legal education to pursue business ventures.

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