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Personal Statement

            Naturally, I myself am very interested in logical sciences such as robotics, electronics. When I was young, I devoted myself on playing video game and watching the western information technology program that everyone always thought it wasted times. But for my part, it motivated me to think all the abstract reason behind the scene. Once, while seeing the robot show, there were many things coming through my mind. I, suddenly, wonder why and how they could make up the robot moved dynamically and flexibly. Because of this thinking pattern, during my middle and high school years, I have always been the most superior in mathematics in my class. .
             After graduation from the high school in 1998, I applied for 3 field scholarships including Computer Science, Medicine, and Law. I have won the Law scholarship in Faculty of Law, which I have had to study this field in the daytime. Unfortunately, I have failed the scholarship to attend the Royal University of Phnom Penh in field Computer Science that I prefer most. So, due to the desire in scientific field, I have decided to study this interesting field in the evening as a private class. .
             During my undergraduate, I began to concentrate almost all of my energy on the study of Computer Science field. At first, I had difficulty accepting my place as a young, less experienced lab member. But soon, I learned to adapt this new environment by communicating as many classmates and seniors as possible. I always respected to and learned from my seniors and my professors. I enjoyed doing exercises very much especially working in-group, and I was rewarded with good course grades and a deeper understanding of my major. Fortunately, at year three, I became to an assistant in the computer lab room. My works were assisting and explaining to the classmates who did understand neither the lecture nor practice. Furthermore, I have participated in general LAN operations, and repaired PCs.

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