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Personal Statement

             Lacking experience in writing, English is my most feared subject. My parents and my other instructors always told me that I am a very bright individual and my accomplishments in other subjects prove that. I've conquered math, science, and history like gold, but faced with writing, I would coward with fear. To me writing equals more stress and frustration. That's why I have tried to just pass it with a good grade and focus all my energy toward areas that I have strength and faith in. I lack flexibility in the use of words and phrases. A sentence of mine starts with "I", "It", "Because", "The." It is difficult for me to think of new ways to begin sentences or use sentence patterns that I see in other people essays. When I"m actually writing, a two page essay, usually takes me around six hours to finish. A teacher once told me to use a process called brainstorming which I tried, but found it not helpful. I usually have thoughts going THROUGH my head and while I"m trying to figure out which thought to put on paper, I forget what they were and I have to think all over again. Once I"m stuck, I would reread the whole essay again. I have a habit of procrastinating. I can only write in peace and quiet and that's only possible after everyone's asleep. This way I can finish the essay in an attempt instead of having to span over a course of days, which would cause me to lose track of what I was writing. Now, in this English class, I am once again faced with what I tried to avoid for so many years, writing. In my previous years of English, I passed with C's barely having to do anything, but now things are different. Now, this senior English class, I believe, is going to be one of the toughest courses for me. I know in order to get a passing grade, I am going to have to put real effort into it. Because I've put away writing for so long, I have to almost relearn everything from the beginning. Words such as "thesis", "sentence structure", "reviews", "grammar" remain only as a faint print in my memory without any real understanding of what it is.

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