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My Personal Mission Statement

            Coming into my sophomore year of college at Savannah State University it has help me come up with my mission statement. My mission statement goes like this, Opportunities don't happen you create them. I will continue to live by this, because it always motivates me to push myself to strive for greatness. This kept me motivated last year and it will continue to motivate for years to come. It lets me know that I have to go out and work for everything that I want, or else I won't get it.
             While reading about Richard R Wright it made me think about some of the situations I've gone through in my life and there were a few similarities. Richard R Wright never waited for things to come to him, he would always make take the first steps to get what he wanted. He never waited for things to just happen on their own, because if you do that they may never get done. After I read about Richard R Wright great accomplishments and reading about National Freedom day and understanding the meaning it help me come up with my mission statement.
             My mission statement talks about the meaning of National Freedom day, National Freedom day is a day to celebrate the work of our previous ancestors who had died just so that we would be able to have the freedom we have to do. This is related to my mission statement because our ancestors never waited for anyone to give them anything. They had to go out and work for everything they got and the things we have today. My mission statement relates to Richard R Wright because he worked for everything he got because he knew if he wanted something he had work hard to get it.
             National Freedom day was created by Richard R Wright to be celebrated on February 1, this is the first official day African Americans were emancipated. So many peopled worked hard to make sure that their children and their children's kids wouldn't be enslaved anymore. Many people didn't believe that this day would finally come, but they kept fighting to make sure that this day would come.

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