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Mission statement

            My Mission Statement: I am wishing to achieve more background information on how businesses are run and how they will continue to be run in the future. I wish to study the whole business not only marketing or production and they are all link together. I wish to study the following:.
             • Executive Summary.
             • Business layout.
             • Marketing plan.
             • Finance Plan.
             • Employment Relations.
             My Goals: .
              I like to find out about Business's goals such as financial goals, social goals and personal goals. .
              I would also like to known if the business manager has a plan for the future or where they are going. .
              What stage they would be at in the business life cycle.
              Also what they would do to change the currant position of their business such as hire more staff.
              If the location could have been better or worse then original though.
              What thing would have done different if they could start all over again? .
             Personal Goals:.
              The personal things I wish to achieve are better report format writing.
              I also wish to achieve be management skills by doing my action plan.
              I wish to achieve a better understanding of business and how it functions.
              I also wish to achieve a report which I have not left to the last moment. .
              I also wish to good quality report which I could say was my best attempted.
              I wish to give the best a good understanding of what I though could be been better.
              I have the required knowledge know to study a business now I just have to apply the knowledge to my business.

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