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Exit letter

            It has been the best of times, it has been the worst of times; actually, it has been four incredible years. Male has taught me so much throughout the past four years inside and outside the classroom. The essence of the Male High School Mission Statement is a testimony that each person should strive to reach whether they're a student at Male or not. The objective of becoming a proficient, critical thinking, problem solving communicator is an excellent goal to pursue. .
             The past four years have taught me to be a leader and motivate myself as well as those around me. In addition, I have learned numerous tactics for teaching others to learn these essential skills. These abilities have been extremely resourceful throughout the past four years. Through the past four years, the leadership skills I have learned and put into practice have been essential in my helping to inspire in the underclassmen the spirit of the mission statement. .
             The structured environment I have learned to live in over the past four years has given me a tremendous advantage in my preparation for college. I have looked heavily into the work required in a typical college, and the critical thinking skills, problem-solving practice, and communication expertise have set me on the right path for continued success in the college arena. By applying these tenets of the mission statement to all facet of my high school career, I have learned how to successfully handle the increased workloads that college presents, and I feel I am very prepared to handle these challenges as they appear.
             The true spirit of the mission statement is not only to memorize the individual objectives, but to internalize them, live them, and to pass them on as leaders to others. I feel confident that I will be able to incorporate the mission statement into my college career and my professional life, and that I will help others to live by these same values that have proven so effective throughout the past few years.

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