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Letter from NLSIU Students Regarding Curfew

             We, the members of the Student Bar Association, write this letter to place on record our concerns and objections with respect to the documents described above; first, with respect to the decision to impose a curfew at 9 p.m., second, with respect to the manner of arriving at such a decision, and third, with the manner of notification of such moves to our parents.
             At the outset, we sincerely appreciate the concerns that you have raised with respect to our safety. We are deeply grateful for the security measures that have been introduced on campus, including the stationing of guards near Gate One, better fencing, checking of identity cards after 9 p.m. and steps taken towards introducing biometric scanners at entrances to the campus and hostels. We understand that your decision to impose a curfew of 9 p.m. is motivated by this end, especially with the recent hysteria surrounding the unfortunate incident of rape in October. However, we do not believe that the resolution of such concerns demands an imposition of a curfew, far from it solving the problem.
             1. There are numerous legitimate occasions requiring students to remain outside campus beyond 9pm: Students at NLSIU routinely interact with people and institutions across Bangalore through various events that are either academic, such as public lectures, conferences, meetings, organization of college events such as the Symposium, moots, debates etc.; or simply social or personal, with occasions as simple as meeting their parents, local guardians, participating in social events and dinners with family or otherwise, meeting friends from outside college, plays, recitals, or simply coming back from a day's visit to town. Both of these are highly central to the normal life of an adult and sincere student residing in a hostel in a University. There are innumerable other occasions wherein a student might legitimately just want to step out of campus due to an emergency, or get back from a flight at a late hour.

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